• Over $400,000 in funds available annually.
  • Offer a smaller pool of competitors than many other programs, because the majority are open only to members.
  • Are available to undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members.
  • Take the form of stipends, grants, and awards.
  • Have application deadlines throughout the year.
  • Fund regional research, travel to conventions, and in some cases, unrestricted travel to psychology-related events.
  • Are peer reviewed by volunteer doctoral faculty.


Undergraduate Awards and Grants

Psi Chi offers a variety of awards and grants to undergraduate members. We encourage you to apply for multiple grants and awards throughout your college career because you will learn from the process. Each time you complete an application, you will gain experience and insight. Contact us for any additional information.

Graduate Awards and Grants

Whether you are planning to go into clinical practice, academia, or put your education to use in some other way, chances are that you are going to be applying for funding during your career. Taking advantage of the opportunity to apply for the awards and grants that Psi Chi offers will prepare you for the applications you will face in the future.

Faculty Awards and Grants

Students are not the only ones benefiting from our funding. Psi Chi faculty members are eligible to apply for awards and grants, with some programs made specifically for them. Encouraging the advancement of psychology is part of the Psi Chi mission, and in many ways, faculty members are uniquely positioned to do just that.